Dreams Are Dangerous

Written by: Ernest Badounts

They said just do not dream,
Because dreaming is 
Those who dream;end up in 
They say just live without fight,
without hope,
Forget your dreams,their are 
not realistic.
But,  I question their modern 
day realism.
What is their reality?
Dreamers are dangerous,
They have a voice, they stand 
Independent, they provoke a 
free thought. 

They say do not dream
Dreamers end up dead .
But do you know what I say?
Keep dreaming, fight for your 
Because when you dream you 
are invincible...

Without dreams you are just 
like grass that passed
From nothing to nothing.

Keep dreaming, make your 
dreams, fight for the dreams,
Turn them to visions 
And and become your vision.

Don't listen what they say,
Listen to what I say..

-Ernest Badounts-