Written by: Akolade Adewunmi

Her voice i heard far away, i heard
Like a sweet song of a bird of paradise
Sleeps leaves my opening eyes slowly
To viewing the face of the one that is bothering my loving emotion
Then, i saw, all the eyes in full
The blues of the sea
White of the hills
Green of the meadows
Flashing of a mid-night 
The eyes of a negress fair with oil palm
Hairs that grew out of  Absalom’s clans
Fragrance to a soul that deserved to be joyful
And smile at the look of his face.

Repeat unto me, the sweet songs of love
While the sun sets on Sunday
And in the morning when the moon rise
Then i will span my days  with her loving touch
That covers like a cloud covering
Under the filament filled with love
Hear the twisting songs from the lips of dawn
Unto the ears of thy hearing ears
My dearest and my heart.