Seeing the unseen

Written by: Robyn Thomas

My eyes see where stars were born
and the moon veils the sun
with white teardrops penetrating 
the stubborn hearts of men who from love run.

My eyes see the lush Spring
resurrecting life for the meek
and bitterness for the stone hearted fleeing
healing they do not wish to seek.

My eyes see the impulsive will of lust
controlling morally striving souls
into which the knife of self-righteousness is thrust,
pouring their blood into golden sacrificing bowls.

My eyes see majestic hills
and humble valleys
while the truth wounds and a lie kills
and an imprisoned heart of past compassion flees.

My eyes see struggling 
mankind against blameless truth:
all creation is suffering 
for our iniquity.

My eyes see the sputtering rain
sent to bless with redemption and curse with fears.
A cleansing veil from pain
mingled with the salt of humanity's tears.

What do you see?