God and Devil are Friends

Written by: todd borstad

Did you ever wonder 
Why we say the devil 
And never the god
And imagine god and devil
Working together to 
Create this dream

To think our minds
Worry about good and evil
And if she is right 
And he’s right and 
You believe your way
And I believe mine

Do you believe
Devil can take my soul
And take away 
The light
That makes my existence
Into reality 

You kill me many times
And I kill you back 
A million times 
And do you think
That because I am dead I will 
Never again be in your consciousness 

Can such power 
Really exist to have a 
Beginning and end
And to think
That someday 
This will all be over

And that I may never
Know that the devil 
Was my friend 
Because my heart 
Was too full of