Look and see

Written by: Robyn Thomas

Look at the swallow
sounding the promise of rain
with silent trumpeting of flying shallow
while the bitter sunlight brings stain.

Look at the concrete forest
turning vile hearts of men to stone
with the race to no rest
while blind to wounds inflicted to the bone.

Look at the choices unjustly made
to impress by assumed wisdom
with a mask one day to fade
while wisdom stumbles over married knowledge and boredom.

Look at the mysterious skies
proclaiming what is bigger than vanity
with gentle light telling no lies
while stubborn kingdoms lose all sanity.

Look at the pondering people
among the slums of scorched life
with desire of the mercy of a crossed steeple
while receiving crucifying glances worsening their strife.

Look at how the past 
stands out with a fist clenched
with iniquity passed on to children of last
while forgiveness from others by unforgetting hands is wrenched.