Phoenix of endless love

Written by: Chuma Okonkwo


                        It was a cool evening,
	              the weather was cozily chilly
	          The lights in the sitting room were low;
                 a shade was enough to stoke up the carnal mood
                   The fire at the ingle glowed, 
                  our sexual fire inflamed in rage
                      Our bones were relaxed; 
               the loveseat gave all the comfort we needed.
               I approached like a lion and she moved like a panther
 	      We reached for each other, we tumbled to the floor; it was a fiery combat
               Boom! The passion exploded, the lovemaking was combustible; 
                 the craziest of its kind; and ferocious like the last battle
              The breath we exchanged affirmed our desires, the climax was tumultuous
                Upon that pyre, ember of our old love was burned-out; 
                 a phoenix of endless love arose.

For Richard Lamoureux's "Bring on 
the Crazy" contest