A Spiritual Break Down

Written by: Cathy Holmes

It creeped upon me slow and increased day by day
Something was draining all my spiritual food
I could not pray without being interupted the words kept slipping away
I could not sing praises making melody in my heart
I was not focused on him
My hope was built on nothing
My Peace had been disturbed
My whole body begin to shake and become weak
Everything good I  was once taught was being drained straight out of my head
No zeal to serve him
My Joy had been stolen
My mind was infested with worldly things
My feet walked another way
My memories of the thorns on his  HEAD were completly dead
Thinkings of his hands and feet being pierced bothered me no more
My fear of him was invisible 
My concern for my SOUL vanished as if it were never there
How could I allow this terrible thing to happen to me in such a short time
Why did I not GUARD my SOUL? I had to  have been out of my MIND!