One Last Time

Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

Hold my hand she asked.
One last time before I leave you
It's so hard trying to let go
Whisper to me 
One last time so I believe you
All my life I have loved you so
Then he smiled 
Reached out and put his arms around her
Kissed her gently while teardrops filled his eyes
He said a prayer
That bands of angels would surround her
Held her close feeling his fears begin to rise
A life together 
Sharing hopes and dreams, joy and sorrow
One last time he'd see her smile
For he knew there'd be no tomorrow
So he held her for a while
A heart so broken
Remembering all the things he loved about her
He would be overwhelmed with the loss of his wife
As she passed, he knew he'd never live without her
He kissed her one last time before he took his life.