Death, My Friend

Written by: Jack Kim

His broad shoulders tremble in fear
Fingernails are caked with dirt and yellow
Some sneer, some are in tear
Some cheer, some are mellow
He feels that death is near
The trench is like a death row

He has a tight grip on his gun 
Remembers the time in the meadow downhill
He thought war would be fun
Now he wonders if he will kill 
On the black soil where he will run
Where minutes from now he might be still

His feet are damp in his muddy socks,
Runs his fingers over his bristle
He sees a rat scampering across the rocks
Sees and hears an exploding missile
His scowling officer looks at the clock
The officer hesitates and blows the whistle

He hurries up the ladder and joins the war cry
Clumsy feet trip on scattered litter
He feels a bullet strike him. Another! His body leaks red dye
As he falls, all he sees is a blur
He takes his last breath and dies
The blue sky above is calm, unaware of the massacre