Written by: kimberly andreasen

itchin for  attention
gettin my ass out da kitchen
i dont do domestic no more
thats right i have issues
i dont do dishes like madonna...
i can be your lucky star, only its Kimstar *****es
sleep with the fishes, you know who you are, too big for my britches
Got em wishing on a star,  wantin to go far,  but just
cause i talk loose with my tongue don't make me a whore.
ya'll heard a two chainz, ***** im a star...
Just tryin to stay young u know have a little fun,
blow someone, I mean .... someones mind, lol
no really....its a joke to see if your paying attention
after all, all we have is time, so dont' hate on me
if you see me somewhere making the most of mine.
If i haven't mentioned it, its all in good fun anyway, even this little rhym
I'll look back on it one day when not so young and recall
how much fun i had...had
because of loved me enough to let me shine.

I love you....Sergio Sandoval Jr. (20 yrs together)
                    you too Pook, Thanks Guys!