elemental life

Written by: Kevin callaghan

The elements are essential to everything i know, everywhere i am, everywhere i go, oxygen hydrogen there's the deal, calcium carbon nitrogen its for real, every time i place my feet upon this earth i am aware, the elements that make it all take shape are elements i too share, for me there is no giant leap of faith no guess to make, every single cell of me is in the grass the trees the lake, stars are born live and die with massive blasts to shower space, with building blocks of life make no mistakes, on and on the circle goes, a wheel that has no break, a miracle that self perpetuates that leads to more not less, i have no need for arks or g rails and gardens lush and green,presided over by a sentient super human being, the reality of what i feel and see brings true power to my soul, that i'm apart of everything and everything's apart of the whole.