Soul Freeing

Written by: Stennett Hernandez


Voices screaming, people hiding, shadows embracing me,
dark skies, sunshine faded, red moon, black sea,
The dead walk among us, beside us as if best friends
talking in your ear, whispering warnings of souls uncleansed.
Eating at your mind, spilling lie after beautiful lie,
you buy it hopeing for a euphoric high....
Not knowing that death is around all the corners,
waiting to make your family a crew of mourners....
Laughing, plotting, untrusting, disgustingly happy,
living your life not knowing it's crappy....
You're a fool!!!! I scream WAKE UP!!!!
But u drink from Death's decieving cup....
You reach out for help when it's too late,
I can't help you, you've sealed your  fate....
I can't make  your dying a beautiful thing,
you're a puppet on Death's hard wired strings.
Don't look at me, you try and burn through my soul,
as you fall into the darkest hole......
depression is a *****
not a switch
no way to turn it off again
this is your pain
I am the voice that's screaming, the people that's hiding, 
The shadow that embraced you,
the dark sky that faded the moon, the red moon 
I am the black sea that engulfed your very being.
stealing your soul and called it "SOUL FREEING"