Written by: delysia hendricks

A din ensued
my imaginary brood
with a good dose of misapprehension
hauled out their toys
and with a deafening noise
held band practice to demand my attention

My head resounded
I was astounded
as my voices insisted space be freed
then took up position
for a spit competition
unless their demand I would heed

"Spit all you may
I refuse to be swayed
back to your cupboard, skeleton folk
all was well hitherto
with my self-made crew
till my head friends you chose to provoke."

"Dear host, you're unfeeling
to your good sense we're appealing
repeal the bones' non grata status
or your imaginary crew
will hold a coup
assisted by our posse comitatus." 

"Skeletons and friends
your logic transcends
admittedly you've much courage and clout
I'll have to engage
with our very own sage
the inimitable Shadow of Doubt.

"After due consultation 
and much deliberation
Shadow and I decision had reached
you may rant;  you may rave
do the Mexican wave
yet still be punished for my rules you have breached.

"The imagineries and Hubbard
to inhabit the cupboard
access to my head is forever denied
you skeletons will hoard 
keep my secrets well-stored
in my head where you henceforth will reside."

There's no happy ever after
my world is now dafter
cramped, the skeletons keep knotting their chains
with more space at hand
my imaginary band
multiplied.  I'm now doubly insane