Love Forever

Written by: gitesh gourav

All my memories of the past,
I try hard,but they always last,
I try to forget,I try to weep,
But the memories are in so deep,
That every time I see some one smile,
It reminds me of her very particular style,
She had a style,a style so sweet,
To get a glimpse,I waited on the street,
And one day I waited for long she never came,
I stopped eating,drinking,and burned my hand in the flame,
For the flame reminded me of the fire in her eyes,
I still waited for the next day's surprise....
The sun came,but she never appeared,
My body sank,and my heart feared,
For she was my energy,my soul,my life,
Without her I knew,I could hardly survive..
Days passed and she never came,
I knew at my heart,this was god's game,
For I never did a sin,never did anything wrong,
Then who is god to take her away for so long,
I decided to play my part in the game,
I left the street,and got into the flame.
For I knew she was my life,and god was too clever,
The flame could only prove my love forever...!!