If There's Hope

Written by: Juli- Michelle

If there was hope in humanity
If there was sunshine in every soul
If each cloud had a silver lining
And every being achieved their goal
If I could see the sun rise
If I could hear the violin play
If every night was cool and calm
I'd be inclined to stay

If every child could know laughter
If every mother knew no pain
If every girl knew she was divine
And every boy was optimistic in the rain
If stars could whisk away darkness
And a ripple could cleanse the pond
If a girl could change the future
So hopeful, so blue-eyed, so blonde

If there is hope in laughter
If there is sunshine in many a soul
If every cloud has a silver lining
And so many people reach their goal,
If I can watch the sun rise
And listen to the violin play
If every night allows me sleep
I think I'm inclined to stay

If many a child knows laughter
And mothers are saved from their pain
If so many girls know their divinity
Even boys can sing in the rain
And if stars can whisk away darkness
A ripple can affect the pond
Just as well, I could change the future
No matter what awaits in time beyond