What the heck

Written by: Shining Bright

Admittance of Your Guilt
You did this and you did that
Having to explain my every move
With time difference so huge
Felt like a criminal 
Nothing I said, you believed
What is the use of this?
A relationship so blessed
I felt like a spring flower

I guess winter came and turned it all sour
Because of my misunderstanding
My apology you did not accept
Because I questioned your integrity and honour
I’m not one to grovel I have self respect
So I asked someone for the terminology 
Of my misunderstanding
Instead of accepting and explaining
You seek an argument 
It was going nowhere
So I begged you to leave me alone

Is it a man thing?
You do not like confrontation
Shaking and crying at my desk
While you believe not a word I’ve said 
I was once madly in love with you
Fought battles you know not,
To be with you 
My family finally accept us
A little to late