Pounding those Keys

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Wow come over here
Check out this black beauty
Grandpa used to have one just like it
It sat on the desk in his study
In fact I was supposed to study in his study
In reality I never did get much done

Transported back in time
What a remarkable piece of equipment
With it's qwerty keyboard 
I love the feel of the lacquered keys
Pushing them down one at a time
Watching as the metal rods strikes the roller
Next I push all the keys down at once
The rods collecting in a jumbled mass
Carefully untangling
Rolling a piece of paper into place
Dropping the guide over the page
Readied hands
Fingers pounding in rapid succession 
Then the bell
Like Mohamed Ali advancing to the next round
Sliding the chrome lever
Carriage returning to it's starting point
Page moves up one line
Over and over again
Until my page is filled
Pulled out with glee
There on the page
Letters perfectly formed
Yet there are no words
I do not know how to type
But that is okay
This is a lot of fun

Jolted back to the present
With a simple question
"Would you like to buy?"
What are you asking?
"A hundred and a half."
How about one twenty five?
Off I go typewriter in hand
Mohamad Ali is back in the ring
Clickty click clickty click click
He can still take a pounding
Once again
Saved by the bell

The Typewriter contest