Ponder Yonder

Written by: Shining Bright

Intoxicated by the vast open sea
Her music and fragrance
Let me entice you with my words sticky
Don’t get hot under the collar
For it is nothing but words
Simple words yet powerful
That is, if you allow yourself to be carried away
Whatever you are thinking right now
Is not what I am writing
If you could see me grin
You will know this is but a game
Where is it taking you?
Your thoughts are really your own
But I have to wonder
Some will think this insane
And some will feel it!!
No fault of mine
It may seem wicked but then
I guess this is a playfully wicked write
This is what happens I guess
When I rendezvous with the sun
It is part of who I am
To inspire and motivate
But can also reduce you to tears
For this is the power of words
So hold on to the reigns
As I poke your horse’s behind
Your, beloved holding on
Her arms tightly around you
Clinging on for dear life
Your, horse raging forward
Into the dusk leaving behind
A trail of smothering dust