Written by: petra mallett

Often when no one is looking I close my eyes
And inwardly revel in the presence of your body
Still felt pressing against my naked skin
Long after I’m no longer by your side.
A tingling stirs ~
Rekindling the embers of desire that smolder 
Deep within my veins;
Igniting the constant yearning to savor your taste
On my tongue ~
To feed on the sweetness of your lips.
I breathe you in ~
Teasing my need for your sustaining embrace.
Longing for the moment when
I can once again feel you inside me:
Completing my existence with each sustaining thrust ~
Pouring life into my soul.
And as the moist torment of my craving
Is incensed by the vividness of my daydream, 
I reel in the web of illusion
~ Wickedly captivated.