I Will Learn To Unlearn Loving You

Written by: Greg Jr Torres

I Will Learn To Unlearn Loving You

I will learn to unlearn loving you
		if forgetting you will 
stop me from loving you, 

like breathing in without breathing out, 
		I'll count the days with you 
and uncount them without you. 

My mind untangles the tendrils of my heart, 
		our hearts.

It may take days, months, years or a lifetime, 
		it may happen or it may not, 

from wanting you and unwanting you, 
		from touching your lips to not, 

I'll bury my pruned heart to the deepest earth 
and not leave a statue nor 
a gravestone.

Perhaps the first morning rain will remind me,
clinging back to you.

My heart may beat again or may not, if it'll 
		my mind unceases and unceases	
		thinking of you.

My heart will forget forgetting you, for it 
		throbs for you, throbs for you.

Tendrils will creep back to my heart, to your heart.