Beware the Azgar is Moving

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Beware the Azgar is Moving Be aware The Azgar is moving It does not believe in Peace and commitments Its sole belief is to swallow Whatever lies within or even Beyond its boundaries and limits. 01 It has plans to move Even on snowy high mountains peaks The Azgar never believes in Buddha's peace It believes in committing and then even in betraying To keep its boundaries and horizons always expanding.02 It has already swallowed The most peaceful and tranquil lands on Earth Which lies, high very high on the Himalayan mountain peaks It has also swallowed many vast areas Including territories of its neighbors And now it is trying to encroach slowly to swallow Another peaceful land of the mountain region Belonging to peace loving people, Who believes in coexistence And in human values. Be aware and be Alert The Azgar has big and vast intensions As it not only eats meat and animals but Land and mountains, glaciers and lakes Even snowy plains deep oceans and its shores and wealth Of every kind in the name of keeping the theory That power comes from the barrel of guns As it has already nipped and crushed the dreams Of its own freedom loving many children old and young. Ravindra Kanpur India 24th April 2013 Azgar * Hindi word means Dragon