Guilt's Living Tunnel

Written by: Odin Roark

Guilt's Living Tunnel
                     by Odin Roark

From one's everywhere-platform
An onrushing subway beckons attention

Strange colored lights constellating
Rising from infinite subterraneous distance
Its massive black face bearing down
An overwhelming colossus
Seeming to push crushing air
From the prodigious tunnel
Like a piston filling a cylinder

Nightmare's relentless all-steel demon
Plunges its compressed fetid iridescent odor
Spewing vermin essence at this desperation
Standing frozen upon the tracks

Blood flows not its normal route
Choosing instead to flood the intellect
Second-thought rationale quickening
Synapse signals colliding
Adrenalin reserves exploding

A lunge to safety
Prostrate upon platform
Roaring beast passing behind
Daring eyelids open


A bed of cold sweat
Engulfs a battered heart

The loving eyes of conscience knows patience
Its warm presence gently caresses the exhausted mind
Questioning not the guilt
But consoling pain's resolve
Knowing relief remains
Beholden to time