Written by: Satish Verma

Confused and wary like a
spermwhale, you are

through the shadows
of terrible pain
ejecting ambergris.

Who was getting
the bribery
to fix the belly button ?

This was not revolution.
It was evolution-
of a stinking city. 

The gods were sleeping
on the lips of a pride.
Nurses were preparing the bed.

How far the sane voice
will reach, to deliver
the relics of a salted dynasty ?


Unbodied, how do I touch you
groping ? The message was not
clear. How to kill oneself on stage ?

A beehive falls on
your head. Are you going
to scream ?

Entire town was going
for a pilgrimage. The saint
was preparing for a self-burial.  

A hundred thousand moons
were placed on your crown.
The sun was going to roll.

Charred bodies
were turning in graves.
Who was becoming untouchable now ?

Give me a kiss of cobra.
My bandaged life
wants to sleep in peace.

His severed legs were
tucked under his head to serve as a pillow.
He was half-eaten.

was silencing all the shames
Woman, I am not coming home.

Satish Verma