Loves Gravity

Written by: cortney bartholomew

Don't overfeel, don't overshare,
putting a sign up on the door of your heart says BEWARE!,
if our weight can be measured by physical numbers and degrees,
why not our souls? would this be so hard to believe?,
hearts changing,,,its shifting, its crumbling our earth,
our land is reacting as if it's giving birth,,
shifting off balance by mass gravitational pulls,
as a whole, the caution grows, fear paralyzes the move,
"Leave it to Beaver" left the building,
now "Gi Joe" paints the ceiling,
can't we see?? why don't we see??,
locking the gates of "Willie Wonka's Factory",
faith in love diminishing, as the tears stinging my eyes,
so hard nowadays to share without judgement,,can't you see the love in my eyes?