Written by: kimberly andreasen

I am better off without you, in my life 
your  inconsiderate and act like a *****
I only put up with it, because I want that
get right, you know beat it up a bit.
But all I ever hear you say is,
 I'm tired maybe next time
I understand you have a girlfriend, but why 
doesn't it count when I go dumb on your dick
swallow every time and never spittin it!
I always dome you so why can't you dig it out.
I thought thats reason we met in the first place
and what this relationship was about?.
Give me my desire or your about to be fired
were not making love just taking care of biz
your herz and im hiz, nothin ever changing it.
It's not rocket science... just a little jizz between friends
its not  that complicated.
If your not in to me then just say it, I can take it
and never speak my name again...