Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

Written by: Sara Kendrick

Ancient city rising up from the great Euphrates
What great artistic mind brought forth your beauty from imagination?
Verdant plants and trees
Rise up for the sky-blue sky
Many India Green Ferns and Mosses tumble downward reaching nearly to the next terrace
Lovers enthusiastic stroll along enjoying the lush Emerald cast about your walls
A lover's paradise to meander through your treasures
Dream pleasure and passion to sail pass 
Palms of Jade soar with the fowl of the air
Coasting 'pon breezes and linger in your shade
Persian Green upon the Cedars draws each one to rest, relax, rejuvenate
Hanging Gardens Of Babylon such beauty in times gone by 
Man made Garden Of Eden_gone to live no more

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest: Seven Wonders Of Ancient Or New World
Written this twenty-second day of April 2013