Written by: sharon anena

was always a sad person
most of my young life
nothing seamed to make me happy

tried everything be it 
music, sport and game
you name it 

just know that
i did them all but still 
did not find comfort 

could not talk to someone
about how i felt so
i decided to write about it

and bang! just like that 
i had found something 
that i loved doing

it felt so good that 
i started writing 
all the time

i wrote about everything 
i could put my pen to
and i mean everything

the funny thing 
the silly thing and also about
the good and bad stuff too

and things got better 
when i got the courage
to share it

people loved whatever
i wrote even if i felt
it was not good enough

this gave me the urge
to write more 
and more

so i started carrying
my notebook and pen 
everywhere i went

so that i can not 
miss anything
cause i love writing