To Love, to Live

Written by: Shining Bright

Clouds in the eyes
Mist in the heart
Warmth turned to ice
Dreams turn to sand
Like water in hands
Seeping through fingers 
Out of control
The mind a whirlwind of thoughts
Words a tsunami of emotion
Life is not always fair
A myriad of disappointments
Blowing in the winds of despair
To love, to live, to write 
Swelling oceans running down cheeks
Dreams a whisper in the wind
Snatched away with technicalities
Withholding what was meant to be
Power play the game 
Domineering throwing around weight
A thought positive
Still standing tall above it all
Shining brighter than before
Determined and confident
A ray of sunshine giving hope
Every cloud has a silver lining
Smile in the eyes
Radiance on the face
Patience a true virtue 
No holds barred
Victory in sight!