Light in My Dark

Written by: Emily Schaffer

They want me to be angered, they want me to hate,
You've hurt me bad, but I still wait.

I don't want to see you hurt or in pain,
You don't seem to care, I guess it's all in vain.

With you, I cannot be angry and I'll always remain true,
I love you too much to ever hurt you.

I have and always will forgive your every mistake,
Losing you is something I just couldn't take.

No matter the pain, no matter the cost,
Through it all, love for you I've never lost.

Seeing you happy is the light in my dark,
I just pray my fire may light a spark.

If you find joy and love in the arms of another,
If you love only her, if there is no other,

Then to you I wish happiness that will never end,
Even though every day, with her, you'll spend.

I wish nothing but the best for you and those you love,
I hope you find a match that fits like a hand in a glove.