A Letter to my Angel LENORE

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

My Dearest Most Only BeLoved Lenore, I woke up this morning with the warmth of the Sun cascading on my face.The morning Doves singing for YOUR Happiness in Glory.If YOU are reading this on YOUR way to the Pearly Gates to meet me, I won't be there but I ask a boon.Please go to the Door of Heaven for there YOU will find Martin Richard, 8 Years old; Krystle Campbell, 29; Lingzi Lu, I don't know how old she is but she's young and Chinese, which is not a language barrier in Heaven. All three should be joining YOU today,courtesey of the evil ; YOU do not know that thrives here on Earth. that's not all I ask YOU to Salute Officer Sean Collier, 26 he was a victim on the GOOD side for the betterment of man.(If they want they can each have a B O S T O N  RedSox Pennent from those I gave YOU to hold FOR me.Tell Them, Their Family Loves them, the Community LOves them, Their Country LOVes Them, Their Leaders LOVEs them, and I'm
sure I and the "SOUPERS" LOVES Them. As for me my LOVE : Maybe Tomorrow.With LOVE for the EONS of Eternity,ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Husband Entwined as ONE.
Dedicated to the Victims of the Marathon Bombings 
and the Officer that gave his life trying to Quell the Enemy.