Whalers fate

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Whaler’s fate Several submarines disappeared, without a trace in the greatest, World War two, ancient mariners of the Yankee race, still dive’s and surface’s too, a time shift to century twenty first, 6 torpedoes wait to run, on the deck a 5 inch gun, immersed, for the Japanese or Hun, Then in the south Pacific, blue, On Coral Sea war patrol, A big ship of the rising sun, too, A target like days of old, Sailors man the deck gun of an iron look, the whalers world is really shook. A world war two submarine appears, to stop the blood and flow of tears, A rusty torpedo leaves the ship, and punches a hole in the awful nip. So down she goes as the water’s grippe, the last of that awful whaling ship. And the old Sub disappears. Don Johnson