Slow Down

Written by: Nefretiti Morant

Slow Down

Recycled daily rotations
in and out we rush
so many aspects mapped out

break free 
slow down
enjoy nature
it’s God given

adore a big ole sun 
threshold-ed on a horizon

Enjoy a bony tree branch
Vogue-ing in the wind

Cry through 
A Piano-ed Cannon D

Sway hips to a calypso beat

Rotate lips around honeysuckle 

Munch a fruit 
Plucked straight from topiary 

Enjoy a cleavage-ed sky 
Stocked with clouds fully fluffed 

Gawk upward at stars burning
Aflame in a black beauty-ied dome

walk naked in some rain
Let it finger your Cumming sensibility

Play with your kids, 
and be more silly and ridiculous than them

We rush to and from 
missing a plethora of beauty

Acquire some excitement 
jemmed is life
as we brand our foot-prints
transversely on life’s dewy grass

Enjoy the ride…….