Someone , Someday , Somewhere


Tears falling like a pouring rain,
So hard to watch her in so much pain.
   Words that  say nothing spoken aloud,
The clouds of darkness are all around.
   Their love and trust now falling apart,
Deception is how all that will start.
   Foundations shattered by so many lies,
On and on they go not ever knowing  why .
   So sad this once a wonderful life ,
Turned into emptiness  for all their nights.
   Her fears puddling all about her feet,
A reminder of the nights she will not sleep.
  How it must hurt not able to believe ,
When you've learned how you've been deceived.
   Always thinking that the love was so grand ,
That's all changed now because of one man.
  If only there was something I could say ,
To make her forget this her worst of all days.
   A heart that has so much love to share ,
Will find that someone , someday ,somewhere.