Forever dance

Written by: Edward Orozco

it's been a while since I last felt alone yet happy The sun dances in the sky, and I smile for such beauty only is of God At times I find myself deep in thought to a dreaming point even It's kind of funny that I hangout with my shadow it is my favorite poet A part of me who will not change it's heart towards my mind A romeo speaking of truth and beauty, a lover of women and whom they are Women the flowers of Gods garden, all with their own uniqueness I knew of love once, she promised her heart would never turn But just like that her heart not only turned but felt for another Words call and break on rooted feeling but dry on shallow ground She sprinkled color into my life, I lived only on black and white Good or bad, but she showed me hope and faith, how to dream Verses flowed and passion grew I loved her more than anything in the world I only feared not being at her side, death herself had no grip on me Events came to be that shaped today, everywhere I look she's absent I never got the chance to tell her from my soul I loved her A part of me died since I last seen her, yet I don't feel empty Memories of what once was still linger past my mind and heart Maybe someday I will cross her path again and I will smile Today she's happy and I stay away for she deserves this God given joy Because of what I once felt for her I died to her her long ago It brings tears to my heart that I too let my heart turn I once believed in true love yet my heart proves this otherwise in my spirit She once said you can love one without being with them I realize this true I don't know why I am writing of her, if all I feel for her is compassion I pray to never see her again, and even tho I run into her now and then I see her not All I see is a person, the woman I once loved so dearly got buried with my past Perhaps putting it all behind me for good is what is best Let the sun dance and my soul rejoice that my heart no longer feels but sees