My sunshine

Written by: Tshifhiwa Mafora

My sunshine

I was young, sophisticated and not so carefree when I heard the sound of your voice for the first time. 
Feels like yesterday when we met ,the future remained uncertain.
You asked if you could see the lady with a beautiful smile again and all I could think was, I don't know this man, never met him before. 

A vision and a thought I don't regret till this day I met my sunshine.
Days,weeks and months would pass by and we were a distant from each other. 
Then I knew I had to accept that my heart had fallen in love with you and I could not deny it further.I had no strength to fight no more, but to surrender.

I was in love with you, your charisma and the beauty of your sense of being.
The thought of not being with you, felt like a part of me had been torn and wasted. That's when my heart knew we were meant to be and you had become someone I hoped to share my life with. 

I give praise to the One above, that my heart found a home in you and yours in my mine. When the days seem dark and hard, you are there to lit them bright, my sunshine. Yes, you are my soulmate, my best friend, my husband. 
You are my strength when I am weak. 
You always make hardships easier to bear. I will adore and love you unconditionally till the end of time as I love you this much.

Promise that you will always brighten up my days, as you are my shine that shines bright from the sun and beyond.