Different Kinds of Friends

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Some friends temporary.
You may just share a coke.
Sit down at a table.
While you listen to jokes.

You may have sports buddies.
With whom you have some fun.
They may lend you a hand.
If you ever need one.

You have your old school chums.
With some shared history.
You have those old stories.
Of who you used to be.

They may be from a club.
The same hobbies you share.
Sure they're considerate.
But do they really car?

With whom do you share thoughts?
Who are the one who cares?
Only a true friend knows.
When your heart's in despair.

He won't abandon you.
When things start to get tough.
He'll be your source of strength.
When you don't have enough.

With a little laughter.
He will help you get through.
True friends are rearly rare.
Be thankful for a few.

For if you have been blessed.
With as little as one.
You my friend are lucky.
Your battle is half won.

Others may have many.
But are they the same kind?
True friends are like diamonds.
They're not easy to find.