Subliminal Prison

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Subliminal messages driving me insane
I can't seem to stop them from entering my brain

When they send me their messages it's loud and clear
I wonder how it's possible others can't hear

I am the main target they're directed at me
I'm not paranoid if you look close you will see

Words to a puzzle that have been carefully placed
Answers they discovered as my life has been traced

They know all my habits the preferences I hold
If they push the right buttons they know I'll be sold

The smart phone they sold me is one of many tools
I keep playing their game without knowing the rules

I'm feeling helpless a little out of control
Subliminal messages attacking my soul

Time to reconsider what's important to me
Then I can break away and become truly free

With new smartphone technology they can track where we are and
customize information on screens in stores to our specific interests 
based on our buying habits they can learn our preferences, for music
fashon and types of travel as well as food and dining preferences.