Written by: Sekitto kisakye

One funny day,
a man and a wife,
attempted to bury a child,
alive and free
because she was sick,
all the times.

The couple who already
had a child,
found it hard to live with a child,
with a cleft lip.

What they did,
they tied her in rags and backcloth,
and placed her in the coffin,
hoping her to die before they reach,
their home place!

What impressed  me,
the baby didn't die miles and miles!
 But she cried  at  the grave,
when she was about,
to be buried at once.

The mourners heard the noise,
and all were shocked,
to discover the truth that the baby
was still alive.

It was a hard time round and round,
and difficult to believe.
What  a funny day,
and what  a funny act!

Ignorance in the world,
makes people mad,
and always  little knowledge,
makes the head sick,
and the brain at large.