First Impressions

Written by: Caleb Smith

  He looked down at her with blazing blue eyes. She thought it was the coldest stare she'd ever seen, yet it set her body on fire. She found herself lost in it, in the grip of its rage and mystery. She felt her toes curling in electric shock, which raced up and over the length of her, pulling invisible hairs and teasing her curiosity. She began to ache in her stomach and the throb beat at her thighs. She reached down and squeezed them, digging in her fingernails, hoping to feel the pain. But the line between pain and pleasure had merged into a devil of lust and red fury. In the singular, eternal moment before she gave in to the pulsing beat  that rocked her, he turned and walked away. The trance left in a shudder as she sucked in a breath and muttered,
  "You bastard."

*From, 'The Wrath' by Caleb Smith