The Haunted Token of Love

Written by: Farshid Rezaee Araghi

A little delicate miracle
Moving, giggling, laughing
Its little fingers
Rise in the air
To catch the unknown
To feel the intangible
Its little curious eyes roll
And glow sometimes
As if he had seen
The invisible
Pretty little smiles
Appear on his face
As if an angel 
Has descended to cuddle
Its soft body
In its divine embrace
O my little angel
How cute you look!
How pretty, how innocent
Those looks are!
You cannot see me
So what’s that which makes you
Smile? Stretch your little arms?
Giggle as if you have seen
A wonder?
How I long for your warm breath
How I miss your sweet voice
Yet all that I can have
Is these cherished moments 
Of sorrow and joy
Bestowed on my by the
To imagine I can hear the sweet 
Melodies of your voice
To imagine I can feel the soft petals
Of your face
And wet them with my dewy tears
To imagine I can sing lullabies
For you to take you into dreams
Where you can know
That there is someone here 
Who sees, who cares, who loves…