Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Strong self-regulation plays a role as the character named tenet
She stands on a human imperfection as being unequal
The silence which tries to wriggle in a surge of life
Successfully tickled her peace, her serenity

Try to wash away all the black and white under her consciousness
Private figure imprisoned her in mirage
She opens her eyes and tear down all the walls
Stand on the insecurity she found her self in hollow... 

Drowning in a sea of fears...
The brutality of words rape her morality 
They took those pictures of her and replaced her into a limbo 
She lives unsteadily, she wished to be saved

Blindness was coming later along with the beautiful paradise but fake ...
This crisis did not stop ...
Shout through the empty space 
She began to dissolve within her nature

For the implication of silence had rotten 
Deep abyss creates her in bitter and sore....