Written by: Jecon B. Nadela

Shall I count the burdens? 
Shall I count the pains? 
A heart that is troubled 
With no one to call a friend. 

Shall I regret as accursed 
Or accept things in peace? 
A willful soul though tedious 
Shall not succumb to defeat. 

For today is the distance 
Untimely may adjourn; 
And the morrow is uncertain 
As I peeped through the dawn. 

Neither have I the power 
Nor have I the might; 
All but the courage 
And the will to survive. 

I call God in my prayer 
With unrelenting faith; 
I am hopeful that He answers 
If unceasingly  I'll wait. 

I might have missed something good 
Or something better and had wept, 
Should I push my toil the harder 
And the best things shall I reap. 

Now all that it was, and all that it is 
May become so sweet as I calmly rest; 
Thus, the challenges and strife – the struggle for a cause 
Are but the steps to my poor soul's repose. 

                             Date & Time of Writing: 
                             December 25, 1994 
                             12:13am - 12:42am 

Should I perish and be given the chance to be buried decently, 
let it be that this poem inscribed in my epitaph.