Love and hate in marriage

Written by: Sean Cannon

From time to time I think of reasons
why I stayed with you for so long,
and come up with answers that
never really counted as answers.
Because I can't say I'm still with you,
if the truth is
"I shouldn't have".
Your not my soulmate,
your not my honor
your not my pride,
your a girl
I refuse to give up.
I love you,
and I love the hate in this relationship
while I hate the love you deserve,
its easy to love hate,
since it loves me.
My future wife,
my future husband you are and
I cannot wait for the day
we pile into our gettaway vehicle
and make off with the love we stole,
even if from each other.
And I keep trying to make a soul mate out of me,
as a final parting gift to the life im losing
with you.