A contradicting philosophy

Written by: Sammy Nelms Jr

Missing that real life feeling.
That moment of being present
where every thing 
Is most clear..... I feel 
With my existence. 
I could die in the next breath 
,my next step and it would be 
with my last words id say 
The greater purpose has 
surfaced. It's now time for the 
universe to do it's job and me 
collapse in to forever becoming 
one with all and everything 
. In this being of clarity seeking 
answers and questions is not 
relevant. No voice was heard, 
no hand was touched, no song 
was to be sung, no dance or 
self expression was necessary. 
In this time and place we were 
blessed with the true gift us 
just "knowing". In till then we 
live to die not die to live. We 
continue to carry on with our 
superficial vices and tainted 
lusts and sins. Trying to keep 
the lie alive by being blinded by 
what's in the 
othes ect. Is there a god? 
Am I bad or am I good? 
Wanting to be 
wanted,needed,and loved in 
stead of giving what you want. 
You Try and manipulate 
yourself as well as the ones 
around you. Spitting out 
babble. Thinking your 
spreading knowledge by 
recycling the teachings that 
were passed down by the ones 
who told these tales and fables 
before us. Not thinking for 
yourself. Listening to the 
philosophical theories that stem 
for what? A end with no 
beginning or a beginning with 
no end. I want to seize the day 
of my waking life. Drifting in to 
the sub conscious of my 
soul,dreams, and heart. Is  it 
all just governed by the laws of 
the universe? Or are we the 
aliens Suffering from self 
invasion of our own beliefs and 
will to just "be" they have 
always been among us we just 
see what our minds allow us to. 
More or less what we want.  I 
don't want to teach or preach 
anymore. I just want to "go 
with the flow". Meaning work 
with the pattern of our Universe 
instead of going against it. 
Karma is more of a way than a 
law. It just is. Now the strength 
of all is believing. Faith can be 
found in everything not just in 
organized religion.