I have seen the feelings of Love II

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Note: With some modifications I will be posting it soon on my Music channel 'RavindraKK1' as a Song also.

I have seen the feelings of Love Concluding part In such an aroma of the fragrance The mingling smell of Mango flowers Pumps and rises the waves of passion In every loving heart. Even at the cost of getting Scattered and lost The hilarious sea waves Goes up and up in humans As well as in animals Touching the rocks and sky So that it may reach In the sweet embrace of its lover. . And the joy of love and passion Rises higher and higher When the soothing moonlight falls On the eager loving hearts And the fragrance of night flowers Make it more than an intoxicating art. In such an aroma Of sweet smelling flowers The Koyal* too began to call Its soul mates lost on some other tree Far away from the Mango flowers Perhaps lost in some diminishing jungles These melodies of the immortal birds Purify the air everywhere on earth So that the bitterness of hearts Can be dissolved to some extent Which empowers the mind To make follies Forgetting the sweetness of life. The Koyal* spreads the magic of love While flying from one branch to another And refresh the air and the surroundings By filling it every time With its sweetest sound vibrations As its last fighting attempt to save The fast diminishing Natural surroundings From out life and hearts These melodies flow all over the Earth Wherever the trees are still in existence But these can only be heard by those, Who have enough love in hearts And a passion for such sweet singing birds Which are slowly at the verge Of getting extinguished and lost forever. Ravindra Kanpur India 16th April 2013 *Koyal - The singing bird of India like Nightingale