Written by: raymond hamilton


with one chapter done and another to be written.,

i begain to write. the word  " Unforgiven"

and relize my pen bleeds out the old.

and outlines a life worth living,

my story is mine and mine alone to be told,

with rhyme and free verse,

i tell my story with a voice like liqued gold,

my tale is long my exsprances real,

i tell of all i have done wrong,

and of all the feeling i feel,


yet that is in the past. i have a new track to roam,

a new life to start. and a new place soon to be home,

new friends to meet, new hearts to fill,

new dreams to dream, MORE power and Will,

new memories to be made, old one's to replace,

new shadows in the shade, new mask to deface,

new tears to shed, new smiles to smile,

old pain to let lie dead, new ladies to drive me wild,

old friends to help me hold on. new ones to grasp,

new paths to stroll on, a new jokes and laughs,

this chapter in the mind of me, is now written,

for i still write the words. " Sill Unforgiven"