Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk


In silence I pray,
in the deepest corner
of my lonely heart,
one and only man,
worth trust,
to wake me in the morning,
so I can take care,
of those that needs me the most.
Even  with my eyes closed,
no spoken words,
He knows my hidden thoughts 
my worries and sorrow.
all of it,he knows,
and his tears I can feel on my open arms,
while He covers me with unconditional  love.
One person,
I know
is waiting for me,
in deepest corner of my heart
to say my last good night,
the last one,
until the next dawn,
to wake me up,
so I can take care of those
that need me the most.

He  patiently wait,
watching over me,
and my daughters,
the one and only man in my home
never question me,
never upset,
he waits as long as I need
and when I call  his name,
he doesn't say :
"wait,don't you see,
I'm busy now "
My father ,
one and only man in my home,
wait for me to say:" good night kiddo. 
sweet dreams,
until I call your name very next day."

Now get some sleep,
live everything behind.
just sleep,
everything its going to be just fine.

In silence I pray,
one and only man in my life.
My father I pray