Diamond Mountain Cave

Written by: Leonora Galinta

Diamond Mountain Cave (Phu Pha Phet Cave) The largest cave here in Thailand Has an eighteen acres in total size It is not that easy for us to find But if we’ll get in there, it’s a big surprise! We need to explore first the side of the mountain Be patient and careful to climb its lofty and rugged stair A shade half our way offers rest and we’ll not feel in vain Quite tedious, but an exquisite view awaits us up there The Diamond Mountain Cave has seven floors Most of the time, only two floors are offered for all Twenty rooms are more than enough for two to three hours tour After stooping down to get in through the very small entrance of the hall Public exploration is facilitated by its long wooden walkways As we tour in every chamber ,we’ll be impressed With our lens, we can’t resist to capture in every way The formations of stalagmites and stalactites that amaze To name the most captivating formation inside the cave Is the stalagmite in a very huge dinosaur-like egg in shape Standing prominently at the main hall, it’s my fave Coated with glittering diamond bits, I wish I can touch or scrape A form which isn’t funny but also with its wondrous beauty Is a man’s sword-like stone, no malice to catch our attention There are a lot more making us feel like dreamy Such as the amazing mushrooms and big jade stone It’s so fun to walk around on walkways going up and down, As we feel the cold wind coming in somewhere Ventilating and protecting us from sweat so as not to frown Then we’ll come out with big smiles and great experience to share. April 15, 2013
*man’s sword : the term I use for man’s sexual organ Note: This is not for a contest . The composition of this poem was inspired by my experience last March 20, 2013. This cave is at Satun Province, approximately 15 hrs. drive (by bus) from Bangkok. Currently, it’s considered as the 3rd Largest Cave in the World. In fact, I've visited many caves here & in my country but for now, this is still the best for me. I invite you to google it to see some photos. Search Phu Pha Phet Cave in Satun Thailand (not Saturn ;)). Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed my poem.