Spring Showers

Written by: Caryl Muzzey

Trickle down my windowpane in March, 
April, and May producing assorted flora 
to perfume my room and brighten a 
dismal day.  Flush green pollen so my 
asthma stays at bay and refresh stale air 
that hovers low and refuses to go away.

Leave sudden heavy down- pours to deep 
oceans and lakes; renew green fields with 
spring showers for all that earth makes.
Please I ask you come softly at night and 
lull a peaceful sleep assuring no one wakes,
leaving your pressure low, helping a tired 
old body to refuse its aches.  

Lightly shed your tears upon me, cleanse
pores and rejuvenate the thirsty tree.  Slowly
pass spring showers over desert and dried lea,
cool the air parched from bursts of post summer 
heat I plea, allowing moistening residue to flow 
to the sea…  
Copyright © 2013  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Second Place Winner ~ "Spring Showers" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Russell Sivey
April 30, 2013