Skint knees

Written by: oil queen

Where i live is so serene countryside green and wild,
To lose yourself here , takes me back to a child;
When puddles were oceans ,and mountains the trees,
you wandered home  happy, black face and skint knees.

Each day an adventure an unopened book
Hero’s we were my pal the goodie me the crook;
Sticks were our weapons bushes our den
We would die loads and start   over again.

The woods were our jungle you Tarzan me Jane 
Screaming and laughing lost in our game
Kids with no worries innocent and pure
Why do we lose these things as we mature

I love where i live now with kids of my own
But times have changed now i am grown
I miss climbing trees  innocent  free and wild
0h how  i wish for one day i could be a child.